Making wine the way                        you like it!

We offer wine making on premise or you can purchase a kit to make wine at home.

The wine kit juices and concentrates come from grapes picked in the finest grape growing regions of the world. There are fewer preservatives compared to commercial wines and you can customize the oak and sweetness levels.

      New to Winemaking ?


The wine making process is very easy.  Pick the type of wine you want to make, the juice is poured into a fermenter, water is added to rehydrate and the yeast is sprinkled on top. We do all the next steps and when the wine is ready, an appointment can be booked for you to come in to bottle. You can bring in your own bottles from home or buy new ones from us. The bottles are sanitized, filled and corked. You can add labels and shrink caps if you wish.  It's just that simple!

     Amazing Wines for a               Fraction of the Cost!


We carry wine kits from both RJS Craft Winemaking and Winexpert. 


Two award winning wine kit suppliers means plenty of options for great wine to suit all tastes and budgets.




Custom Labels

A wide variety of custom designs are available and can be created in minutes.

Seasonal & New for 2020


Pink Pinot Grigio

White Sangria Fruit Wine

Blush Crush Fruit Wine

Bourbon Barrel Red Blend

Hard Peach Raspberry Lemonade

Hard Black Cherry Lemonade

Raspberry Mojito

Available While Supplies Last

Gift Shop

Visit our shop to browse through our selection of wine accessories and gifts.  We carry wine glasses, bottle openers, wine socks, signs, wine accessories ...



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