Frequently Asked Wine Questions (Wine 101)

What do the Wine Codes mean?

The wine codes refer to the Oak, Body and Sweetness for each wine. All scales are based on finished wines.

Oak Body Sweetness
U - Unoaked L - Light D - Dry
L - Light M - Medium O - Off-Dry
M - Medium F - Full S - Sweet
H - Heavy
All wines can be sweetened to taste following fermentation

Aging Tips


12-15°C is a great temperature to store your wines. Most importantly, reduce frequent temperature fluctuations.


Bottles are best stored on their sides to keep the cork moist.


A relative humidity of 50-70% will keep the corks in a supple condition and keep air out.

Sulphite Level

If your wine is being aged for more than 6 months, add an extra 1/4tsp to 23L of wine. This will ensure the safety of your wine.


Try to keep the cellar dark when not in use. Avoid fluorescent lights - they emit UV light that can be harmful to your wine.


Constant agitation tends to disturb sediment, creating a haze.


Synthetic corks are great for long-term storage of 1-5 years. They eliminate problems such as leakage and random oxidation, and are commonly used by commercial wineries. Agglomerated corks are generally suitable for wines for up to 1 year of aging. Check with us for recommendations.

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