Pinot Noir

Australia Pinot Noir

Brand: En Primeur | Wine Kit: 6-8 Weeks | Profile: M | M | D

An elegant wine bursting with flavours of ripe black cherries, red berry fruits, and delicate spice notes on the palate superbly balanced with oak.
Food Pairings: Try it with grilled salmon, sweet onions and red bell peppers or wild mushroom bruschetta.

California Style Pinot Noir

Brand: Cru Select | Wine Kit: 6 Weeks | Profile: L | M | D

This New World California style Pinot Noir features a bouquet of rich tobacco and ripe dark cherries. The, hint of oak and velvety tannins on the palate are a pleasant surprise.
Food Pairings: Pairs well with duck breast and pomegranate citrus glaze or pancetta-wrapped grilled turkey.

British Columbia Pinot Noir Style

Brand: Cru International | Wine Kit: 5 Weeks | Profile: M | M | D

As one would expect from a BC style Pinot Noir, this wine features aromas of black cherries and fresh strawberries. Silky tannins while subtle notes of pepper and spice round out the palate
Food Pairings: Tastes great with Mexican enchiladas or Indian green lentil curry.

Pinot Noir Style

Brand: Grand Cru | Wine Kit: 4 Weeks | Profile: M | M | D

The soft texture and dark colour compliment the flavours of berry fruit, with a subtle raspberry undertone. An approachable yet still sophisticated red wine.
Food Pairings: Try with butternut squash soup or chicken, raisins and pine nuts.

Pinot Noir Style

Brand: Heritage Estates | Wine Kit: 4 Weeks | Profile: L | M | D

A dry and light-bodied wine with crisp acidity and very little tannin; plenty of fruit flavour with some cherry and red berry notes.
Food Pairings: Serve with pasta and roasted vegetables or grilled eggplant.

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